A Boys Town Nebraska Fall Engagement

I always love to hear my couples love stories. From the first time they meet to the story of their engagement. And Lindsey and Nate’s story is just too cute not to share.

How They Met

Lindsey and Nate went to college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He was a Junior and she was a Freshman. Nate was a student live-in mechanic for Lindsey’s dorm complex and the student apartments. One night the door to Lindsey’s dorm room wouldn’t open. They tried everything to get it open. Her Resident Assistant (RA) helped, the front desk people helped, they reprogrammed her key card, everything! And yet nothing would work! Hours went by so they turned to their last resort. They called in the student mechanic (which was Nate) to come fix it.

Nate came to the rescue!

If you ask Nate about this story, he’ll probably tell you he took a LOT longer to fix the lock than he actually needed. Lindsey had caught his eye, so of course he had to take his time to chat. After that, they began to see each other in the dining halls and even ate together quite a bit. The end of the year came, they talked the whole summer. And that August, when school started again, they began dating.

I just love how their love story was the result of two individual’s paths crossing unexpectedly. Such a frustrating situation for Lindsey landed her the love of her life. And I can confidently say I saw every bit of that connection during their fall engagement session.

Digital: Canon Mark IV + 50mm 1.2 + 85mm 1.4