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FEATURED : Belle Lumière Magazine Vol. XVII

I’ve been a fan of Belle Lumière Magazine for a while, so you might imagine my surprise when Lexi, the Editor in Chief, emailed to let me know that she was going to feature an article I wrote for Volume XVII of the magazine.

I love the content Lexi shares, but I’m also a huge fan of the design and layout of the magazine…so modern and beautiful.

Belle Lumière was one of the resources I found when I began shooting film again. Not only does Lexi, produce this beautiful magazine as an educational source for film photographers, but it provides such a wonderful and supportive community.
Back in 2017, I actually attended a workshop offered by Belle Lumière at Pippin Hill in Virgina. Not only did I learn from some of the best in the business but I was able to participate in hands-on shooting 
to elevate my skills.

So, of course, it’s a dream to share my article ‘Shooting to Overcome Burnout’ featured in Volume XVII! The entire article features images I’ve shoot on film and my tips for overcoming burnout.

To have my work featured among the best in the film industry is truly an honor! 🥰

Shout out to the ones who educate and to the ones who sit in the classroom. We are all in this together, continually striving to be our best selves and investing in our craft.
Trust the work you put into yourself. I see you, I see all of us, putting the work into ourselves…and I gotta say, it’s pretty cool.
Film scanned by @thefindlab
You can check out my article in Issue IVII of the magazine on You can also purchase your own issue by clicking here.

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