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Omaha Nebraska Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

Growing up in Omaha, Nebraska I’d spend many days surrounded by friends and family. Cherishing so many moments as the seasons would pass.

Summer days by the pool and summer nights Downtown. Fall evenings grilling, watching Husker football and enjoying a caramel apple at Arbor Day Farm. Winters bundled up waiting for the snow to melt while enjoying a movie or two. Spring mornings excited to see the trees budding and welcoming the late night thunderstorms.

Years later, I’m still cherishing these same moments…and still pursuing life’s limitless passions. I started my photography business in Omaha Nebraska in 2008, and I haven’t looked back since.


This past year, I became a full-time Nebraska Photographer. Leaving my corporate job to pursue my passion.

While working for Corporate America, I realized I wanted my life to stretch beyond the confines of rules, so I pursued a life of creativity. Today, I document the funnest, warmest, and most beautiful clients…surrounded by those whom I absolutely adore. Being an Omaha Nebraska Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer is one of  the greatest gifts!

This blog is a place where I share my art, business details, client tips, photography how-tos, and little bits of things I love, like fitness, travel and my personal projects.

If you’re planning a wedding in Omaha, NE or beyond or looking for a Lifestyle session, feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to chat about how to ensure your moments are photographed perfectly.

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