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Omaha Nebraska Maternity : Gabriela + Jacob

Jacob and Gabriela radiate love and friendship. There are those couples that just make you smile. There love is so evident it makes you happy. No, love isn’t perfect, but love makes us realize that if we get nothing else for the rest of our lives, we are the richest when we have the love of our life by our side.

Jacob and Gabriela are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year and they’re also welcoming another little one to their family. And I can’t wait to meet baby!! I’ve had the privilege of documenting their kiddos over the years and I’m so happy to have been a part of their families memories.

Happy Anniversary Jacob and Gabriela!

love & pixels,
ashley nicole

3-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOG11-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOG

It was the perfect evening and a gorgeous night to see the beautiful Omaha Nebraska sunset.

13-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOG29-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOGHi there baby number 3!

34-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOG40-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOGJacob and Gabriela brought along just a couple items for their session. Items with thought and intention, like her ultrasound. Haven’t they changed so much?!

41-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOG44-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOGIt’s a BOY!!! Baby boy number three! You’re outnumbered lady! 😉

47-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOGGabriela brought along baby’s first pair of shoes and Jacob brought along his little guys first pair of loafers!

55-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOGIsn’t momma just gorgeous!?!

60-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOG64-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOG68-Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Maternity_BLOG


July 7, 2015

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