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Omaha, NE Wedding : Sydney + Cody

Cody and Sydney. Two incredibly fun and happy people with lots of love in their hearts.

Sydney told me that when she shared her wedding gallery with friends, many commented that everyone looked so happy in the pictures. Well, they were happy! The day was full of love and laughter! Probably the most I’ve smiled at a wedding!

I hope it brings a smile to your face too!

love & pixels,
ashley nicole

Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Film_Hybrid_Wedding_0024Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0006Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0007Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0008Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Film_Hybrid_Wedding_0025Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0011Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0010Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0012Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0015Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0013Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0000Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Film_Hybrid_Wedding_0026Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Film_Hybrid_Wedding_0027Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Film_Hybrid_Wedding_0028Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0009Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0014Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0004Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0003Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0005Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0002Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Wedding_0001

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