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Chalco Hills Engagement : Adam + Tealyn

This was the first time I was going to meet Adam + Tealyn. I’m always a bit nervous when meeting new clients, especially if I wasn’t able to meet them during a consultation. But I was super excited to meet them. I arrived a little early but I knew exactly the areas I wanted to shoot and how I wanted the day to flow now I just needed my lovely couple. When they arrived and we had a first introduction I immediately adored Tealyn. She was literally a breathe a fresh air.

In the time we had together they were not only stunning in front of the camera but they were so easy to work with. I felt like I had known them forever. They made my job so easy. And well, they’re images…take a look for yourself.

love & pixels,
ashley nicole

Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_8Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_7Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_4Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_5Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_6Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_1Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_11Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_12Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_13Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_3Ashely Nicole Photographer_Engagement_Omaha_Kearny_15

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