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Nitasha : Cousins + Smoke Bombs

Over 14 years ago, Nitasha and I were in college, working a swing shift at a small market research firm. Little did we know, our lives would be connected for a lifetime. I’m sure if you would have told us then we’d be cousins later in life, we’d have laughed. And yet, I eventually began dating a guy who, come to find out, is Nitasha’s cousin!

Welp, long story short, Dave and I eventually married and Nitasha became my cousin too! 🙂

She now lives in NYC and visits a couple times a year. When she does we try to make time to catch up over coffee and a fun photo shoot.

This year, we literally had just few hours together but we made the most of it. It was short, sweet and so much fun catching up.

And of course, Nitasha rocked it!

Hav you ever found out you were connected to someone in some fun family circle?? Tell me in the comments! I want to hear your stories too!

love & pixels,
ashley nicole



August 31, 2017

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