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Nebraska Sandhills : Mat + Kelly 10th Anniversary

I asked if they wanted a session for their 10th anniversary. Of course Kelly said yes but we knew it’d take some convincing to get my brother to participate. And knowing my brother, I knew it’d have to revolve around pirates or sandhills. And since Nebraska doesn’t have an ocean nearby I figured hey, why not do a steampunk/sand-people themed shoot. And of course Mat was down for that idea.

They were tasked with coming up with their outfits and Mat actually found the location. The perfect spots, right outside of Omaha. And it couldn’t have been more perfect. Awesome weathers and amazing light! You guys know how much I love a good sunset!

In March, Mat and Kelly celebrated their 10th anniversary (we married four months apart). A decade! It’s crazy how fast time flies. Congrats to Mat and Kelly! I know there are many more in our future. Anniversaries and photoshoots! 😉 Mat and I already have our theme for the next! Epic I tell ya! Epic!

Until then, here are a few of my favorite pics from their shoot!

love & pixels,
ashley nicole

Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0000Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0001Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0002Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0003Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0004Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0005Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0006Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0007Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0008Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0009Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0010Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0000Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0011Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0012Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0013Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0014Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0015Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0016Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0017Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0018Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Fashion_Anniversary_Photography_0019

Outfits //
Kelly’s Tops: Forever 21
Kelly’s Shorts: Forever 21
Glasses: Forever 21
Spider Necklace: H&M
Ear Cuff: H&M
Kelly’s Pants: Gordmans
Kelly’s Shoes: Thrifted
Mat’s Outfit: Random Items From Home

Props //
Glass Box: Gordmans

  1. Kelly says:

    They turned out so awesome!!! Thank you Ashley! LOVE

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