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Fountains West Wedding : Jamie + Kaylee

Jamie and Kaylee’s wedding was energetic, colorful and a blast. It was also a day full of friendship and love. Jamie and Kaylee were so caring and giving. From the gift to their wedding party to gifts to each other. They cherished their family and friends and it was more than evident in their interactions.

Jamie gave each of his groomsmen customized flask kits and their favorite alcohol. Let’s just say they couldn’t wait to break them in. 😉

Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0004Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0010

Kaylee and Jamie opted for a first look and it couldn’t have been any sweeter. Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0000After seeing Kaylee for the first time that day, he surprised her with bride and groom minions! Adorable!Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0006Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0005Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0007Oh and did I forget to mention that Jamie got each of the guys a pair of beer socks! Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0001Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0009Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0008Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0003The little flower girls tongue! Such an intense moment for her! HA.Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0013Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0011The cake was just as colorful and provided by The Cake Gallery in Omaha, Nebraska. Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0002Ashley Nicole Photographer_Omaha_Nebraska_Wedding_Photography_0012


Venue: The Fountains West
Cake: The Cake Gallery
Minons: Build-A-Bear

love & pixels,
ashley nicole

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