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Mulhall’s Spring Inspiration

Winter in Nebraska is hard.

It gets dark early, it’s cold, the days are shorter, it’s cold, everything is dead, did I mention it’s cold. 🤣 But seriously, it puts a bit of a damper on your creative flow after coming off a busy fall. So when you have a friend that is more than willing to step in front of the camera. You call her up for any impromptu photoshoot when inspiration hits!

Even though Spring was just around the corner, I had been craving some color in my life. And of course, Target had launched a fun new Spring line, including a colorful floral umbrella (my inspiration).

But more importantly I had been wanting to put my digital camera away and shoot a session like this completely on film. And that’s exactly what I did! With the umbrella in hand we headed to Mulhall’s (where of course we’d find blooming color) and I shot a few rolls. And I couldn’t have been happier with my decision! Ria is just gorgeous and the colors are 😍!

Lesson Learned

If there is anything to takeaway from this shoot, it’s two things! First, trust yourself enough to try something that makes you uncomfortable. And second, have fun and let your inspiration guide you!

Oh and let’s add a third, find a friend that’s more than willing to go along with your crazy antics. 😘

Photo Details:

Cameras // Contax 645 + Canon 1v
Lenses // 50mm 1.2 + 80mm 2.0 Zeiss
Film // Fuji 400H + Ektar 100
Lab // The FIND Lab



March 22, 2018

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