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February 2018 Goals

I’m horrible at writing down and tracking my goals. I set them and typically stick to them but not as consistently as I’d like. I’ve tried writing them down, but rarely do.

So of course when I read an article by Elite Daily I knew some changes were in order. According to the article, people who write down their goals accomplish significantly more than those who don’t. Welp, then, there is no better time than now to set some handwritten goals. ☺️

Tomorrow is February 1st, so I’ve come up with a list of 5 business and 5 personal goals that I intend to check off by March 1st!

February 2018 Business Goals

1. Read The E-Myth Revisited. (I’m not a reader so this one definitely makes the list!)

  • Read 20 minutes a night

2. Refine my client experience gifts.

  • Meet & Greet Gift
  • Welcome Gift
  • Date Night Kit
  • Wedding Gift
  • 1st Anniversary Gift

3. BLOG!!! Set a blog schedule and blog 3x a week!

  • Create a topic list
  • Gather content
  • Draft
  • Schedule

4. Create a vendor thank you packet!

  • Packet of Postcards
  • Something Sweet

5. Refine my client contact form and workflow

February 2018 Personal Goals

1. Complete a 10 Day Greentox.

  • Eat at regular intervals
  • Keep my nutrition balanced and purposeful
  • Increase my water intake
  • Stick with my regular workout plan

2. Daily Bible Reading

  • 1 Chapter/Day
  • Followed by Meditation

3. Step Outside 5-10 Mins/Day

4. Purge My Closet

  • Donate and sell unused or unwanted items

5. Snail Mail

  • Send out a few cards to friends and family













  1. Amy says:

    Love it! The studies and statistics around written, physical pen to paper, goals versus stated are impressive. There are even studies about what color ink you should use! Fascinating stuff. Go get em!

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