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Mat + Nova : Lifestyle Session

These photos will go down in history as some of my all time favorites, EVER!! I mean, really, look at that face (and I’m talking about the puppy face, not my bros 🤣).

This little story is about a guy and his best friend. There is something to be said about a dog and the bond you develop. And if you haven’t had a dog before than I won’t even try to explain it to you. But they really are your best friends.

Although, Nova is still a pup, they’ve been as thick as thieves. Road trips, mall walks, kayaks adventures and a recent big move….they’ve done it together.

When Mat told me they we’re moving I told him, no exceptions, I was doing a shoot with the two of them. I needed to document they’re last time as Nebraskans plus, again puppy face!! I could snuggle her right now!

They recently packed up all they owned and made the big trip from Omaha to Florida. I imagine they’re sitting beachside right now enjoying some fresh fish tacos and a Corona. Well, maybe not Nova but she’s providing Mat moral support as he eats tacos for the fifth time this week. Right, Mat?

While I’m not happy they left me behind in Nebraska (winter!!!), I am so excited and happy for them to start this new journey. Life has it’s ups and downs, but having your best friend at your side no matter what, well, that’s awfully special. ❤

Fuji400H shot on a Canon 1V

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April 13, 2018

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