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George Spencer Winery, Gibbon NE Wedding : Von + Teri

Surrounded by their girls, Von and Teri prepared to not only exchange their vows but to join their families together in a simple yet special ceremony. The George Spencer Tasting Room set the backdrop for the intimate celebration, including various fresh local Nebraska wines and a gorgeous property.

As the ceremony approached, the girls were front and center. With their arms interlocked, they laughed and giggled, awaiting the moment their parents would marry. They sweetly supported and rallied around each other as if they’d been sisters their whole lives.

Family and close friends arrived and the girls took their places at the alter. There Teri and Von joined them. Softly rain began to sprinkle. Von and Teri smiled and said their ‘I do’s!’  Within a few short moments they were husband and wife…they were a family.

Inside the tasting room, they joined their guests for dinner, cake and of course some delicious Nebraska wines.

Congrats Von and Teri! It was an honor to be a part of your day and to document the joining together of your family.

love & pixels,
ashley nicole


Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0022

As the rain lifted some took advantage of the life-size chess game! Check mate!

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0005Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0024Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0004Teri – stunning! Seriously just beautiful!

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0000Her bouquet was full of fresh peonies and just gorgeous! And the smell!! Who doesn’t love peonies!

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0001The weather was truly perfect. Even with the bit of sprinkles with day was full of joy and happiness.
Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0018Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0020Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0021A sweet moment before greeting all the guests. And of course having a glass of delicious Nebraska wine!

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0016Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0010Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0015The cake was absolutely delicious! Made by local bakery, Grammie’s Kitchen.

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0014Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0013Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0012Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0011Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0003Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0025Teri and her girls. Just adorable!

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0007Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0008The whole family! <3

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0009The girls and all their sass!

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0006And the gorgeous couple themselves!

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Nebraska_Photography_Wedding_Richardson_0002

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