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Clearwater Beach Florida Engagement

A few weeks ago, I jumped on a plane and headed to sunny Clearwater Beach, Florida for my brother’s engagement session. Sessions like this really make me want to move somewhere near a beach. I don’t care where, just give me sunny days, 70 degree weather and sand between my toes. What was really unique about this session was that we spent a day in Florida at the beach and then traveled to Georgia for a second shoot surrounded by Spanish Moss. More of that shoot coming soon!

I asked Rita to share a bit about the proposal with me and this is what she had to say:

“Oh man, I’m a terrible story teller but I’ll try lol! 

When I got home from work Mat had an amazing dinner, candles and the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen all waiting for me. Really, really sweet. But actually I didn’t think too, too much about it because he does really sweet things pretty regularly and when I don’t expect it all. Mat was fairly quiet through most of dinner…I proceeded to talk my head off about my day. 🤦🏼‍♀️ 

After dinner, Mat brought out dessert (one of our favorites – Tiramisu) and proceeded to share the sweetest things about how much he values our relationship and me as a person. (Im still completely oblivious at this point. 🙄)

Throughout the conversation Mat keeps encouraging me to eat more dessert and after finishing an entire, giant piece of tiramisu I saw why.

And then he got down on one knee (Nova had to join him of course) and asked me to marry him.”

Congrats you two! I can’t wait for your wedding day this fall.

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