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A Reminder to Capture the Simple Moments

We arrived home from lunch. I asked Devon, “What do you think about going to the park with Flex later?” Her eyes lit up with excitement. I told her that when we got back we’d grab flex and head to the park for a little bit. She couldn’t wait.

When we got home we ran into the house to put Flex into his carrying case. Devon asked if she could hold him during the car ride to the park. I said, “Sure! But you have to hold on to him so he doesn’t fall off your lap…”Devon interrupts me, “I know he’s fragile and his bones can break.” Alright, confirmation that she pays attention to me when I talk about the rabbits. We walk to the car and get her buckled in. I place Flex on her lap. She’s smiling from ear-to-ear. “How far are we going?” She asks. “Not far.” I replied.

Once we get to the park the sun is lowering and the lighting is just perfect. I help Devon out of the car and take Flex. She’s running around in excitement. “Can I hold him yet? Can I hold him?” “Yep. Let’s find a spot first.”

She settles in a little spot ready to take Flex. I give her a few reminders about how to hold the bunny and I get that look. You know the ‘come-on-aunt-ashley-just-give-me-the-bunny-already’ look. I’m laughing inside. She takes him from me and he snuggles into her arms. She begins to giggle in amusement.

It’s capturing moments like this that remind me of why I love being a photographer. Devon will grow up and Flex, well, he won’t be around forever. And I hate to think little moments like these are so fleeting. We so easily forget the little moments in between life. We were at the park with Flex for less than an hour and many spend these moments in a flash. Myself included. I’ve become so bad at remembering to capture these simple moments.

She’ll hopefully look back on these images when she’s older and remember the giggles and snuggles she had with Flex but more importantly the moments she got to spend with her Aunt Ashley.

love & pixels,
ashley nicole


Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Photographer_RabbitPhotography_Omaha_Photographer_RabbitPhotography_Omaha_Photographer_RabbitPhotography_Omaha_Photographer_RabbitPhotography_Omaha_Photographer_Rabbit

FINAL 2X3A8968 WEB StoryPhotography_Omaha_Photographer_RabbitPhotography_Omaha_Photographer_RabbitThat bunny tongue! LOL!Photography_Omaha_Photographer_RabbitPhotography_Omaha_Photographer_RabbitPhotography_Omaha_Photographer_RabbitPhotography_Omaha_Photographer_RabbitPhotography_Omaha_Photographer_Rabbit


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