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5 Years : Love Birds

I wanted to post something sooner but I’ve barely had time to sort through all my recent photos from our anniversary and weekend getaway. But hey, better late than never. That’s my motto! 🙂

Anyway, 5 years! Wow! Thinking about it makes my head hurt! Haha…okay so that’s not in a bad way. I just can’t believe how fast time has flew. So many things have happened in that short amount of time. Let’s see if I can sum up some of the most monumental events in the past five years. Okay, so married July 29, 2005, built and moved into our house July 30th, 2005 started my new job Aug. 22, 2005. Geez, that’s three big ones right there!

We’ve traveled all over including: Chicago, New York, Mexico, Bahamas, California, Colorado, Florida, Belize, Honduras, Pittsburgh, Texas, Maryland, DC and many others. Outside of our travels we’ve welcomed 2 nephews (Korben and Ronin) and 1 niece (Devon) into our lives, which we love to pieces. And we’ve gained many wonderful friends!

But more than anything we’ve spent the last five years growing together, learning new things, enjoying old things and developing an everlasting relationship. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the time. Of course we had our ups and downs. Who doesn’t! But each day we made sure ended with a kiss and ‘Love You!’


  1. Donna says:

    Ashley, this is a really special post. Keep up the I love you and a good night kiss and you will continue to have a full life together.

    Tell Dave Hi and I send my love to you both.

    Grandma Donna and Grandpa Burdette

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