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5 Things I’d Tell My Past Self – #1 Comparison

Comparison Quote_Word Swag_Ashley Nicole PhotographerAs I was reflecting on my business I started thinking, if I was just starting out now what would the me today share with my past self about the business and the journey? Ummmm….a lot! But when it comes down to it, I can summarize it into five key things. What I can’t do, is put those five topics into one post. They each equally deserve their own. So here is the first of five….Comparison.

#1) Don’t Confuse Inspiration with Comparison.

Just stop. I mean it. Stop. You think you’re filling your mind with inspiration but you’re just comparing yourself to a peer and that’s not healthy or inspiring. You have to remember, you’re learning and growing and both take time. But how can you tell the difference inspiration and comparison?

Inspiration should move you, motivate you. Inspiration drives you to support and celebrate another’s accomplishments and growth. You’re excited to see another’s work and it allows you to see your own potential. Comparison is the exact opposite.

Comparison disables you, discourages you. Comparison drives you to criticize others and/or wish for someone else to fail or desire someone else’s success. Comparison stifles your creativity and blocks your ability to see your own potential because you’re too busy admiring someone else. What should you do to stay inspired?

Cheer for others. Find someone who inspires you and cheer for them and do it because you believe in them. This will not only inspire you, but hopefully inspire others to do the same.

– Show some love. Comment, like, share the work of others that inspire you. Let them know!

Take a break! When you find you’re getting the “comparison bug” walk away. This is hard to do in the “social” world we live but sometimes you need to step away from the blogs, Facebook pages and Instagram feeds.

–  Allow for creative time. Allow yourself to create and not indulge yourself in what others are doing. Allow yourself time to grow and learn.

Challenge yourself. Maybe you’re a wedding, newborn or senior photographer. But don’t restrict yourself. Try new things! You never know what inspiration come of it.

Look for inspiration in other places. Go to a museum, a movie, a walk, ect. You’ll feel motivated and ultimately view your work more positively.

These are just a few things that I’ve found helpful. What other things have you found that inspire you? What steps do you take to stay inspired?

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love & pixels,
ashley nicole

March 27, 2015

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