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2016 Sabbatical – Recharge, Reflect, and Reset

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Every five years the hubs and I take a sabbatical. A month to recharge, reflect, and reset. I had been looking forward to this trip for so long. A month away gives me a taste of what it’d be like to move someplace new. I’ve become restless in Omaha so everyplace we visit I ask, ‘Could this be our home?’ 😉

I’d been counting down to our second sabbatical. Hubs is a bit more traveled than I am but this sabbatical would be full of firsts for us and I was super excited about that. One of the things I love most about our travels together is how much closer we get. Sometimes I wonder, ‘Can we get any closer?’  We’re best friends. Over the years we’ve experienced so much together and have traveled all over the world. I can only imagine us in our 70s reflecting on our life together.

We decided  to visit Hawaii and Mexico this year. Obviously warm and as far away from snow as possible. Our itinerary went:

San Fransisco
Hilo, Hawaii
Kauai, Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii
Maui, Hawaii
Ensenada, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Manzillio, Mexico
Matzalan, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

In each location, we made plans to hike, sightsee, shop and/or snorkel. But no matter what, we’d be on the move, seeing and experiencing all we could. Together. And that’s what we did.

As I type this, we are on our flight to Omaha. Back to the cold. I feel homesick. I always do when we go back. But it will pass like it always does. I’m excited to see my puppies. I’m excited to see our family. And I’m excited to start planning our next adventure together. We may never move and while I’m not particularly content with that, I know at the end of the day it’s okay because I have my best friend by my side and he’s happy to travel the world with me. Our hearts are together no matter where we are. And that’s pretty cool and special. That I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. We’re only writing another chapter in our book and each adventure we come back new, together…forever.

love & pixels,
ashley nicole

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