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A peek into my photography, art and life.

Heading to Palmer, Alaska? Yea!! It’s so much more than I ever expected and we only skimmed the surface. Palmer is located northeast of Anchorage in the Matanuska Valley. The city’s unique history and heritage are unparalleled in the state. Framed in breathtaking beauty, Palmer offers a lot of gorgeous places to visit! If you’re wondering where to stay/go […]

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During our short visit to San Fran we wanted to grab some local ice cream. After looking through some Yelp.com reviews we decided to take a trip over to Smitten Ice Cream and it did not disappoint! The cool thing about Smitten is their new twist on old fashioned ice cream. They’re secret weapon…liquid nitrogen! […]

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Yesterday I got my final film scans from our trip to Hawaii and Mexico and it only confirmed that I should have shot more film while we were traveling. I still get caught up in the fear of missed focus, bad exposure, etc. But when you get back film like this, it just shows that […]

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Before spending time in sunny Hawaii and Mexico for our sabbatical, we first wanted to explore the chill city of San Fransisco, California. We found San Fransisco had a lot to offer but unfortunately we didn’t have much time to see all the sights we wanted. But we did leave with happy hearts and full bellies, and we’re so excited […]

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Every five years the hubs and I take a sabbatical. A month to recharge, reflect, and reset. I had been looking forward to this trip for so long. A month away gives me a taste of what it’d be like to move someplace new. I’ve become restless in Omaha so everyplace we visit I ask, ‘Could […]

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So I’ve been neglecting my blog for a while. So sorry! I’ve just been super busy (like everyone else) with work, planning our trip, meetings, studying, volunteering, taking care of our house, and feeding and caring for Dave and the pups…and not to mention just not feeling well most days. But I’m trying my hardest […]

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