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2015 : Rebranding [Part 1]

Out with the old in with the new!

The first step in my rebranding process was to identify a look and feel that was timeliness, modern and sophisticated. I really wanted it to be me! I’ve struggled with this for sometime yet I understand the importance of a great brand. I want mine to reflect me, my style.

I know it will evolve over time but for now I think I’ve found something that I truly love. It feels like me! Here is a look at my personal business cards. I designed them myself. I went to school for Graphic Design and it’s still one of my loves. I wish I had more time for it. I’d love to do more freelance design work. Maybe one day soon. 😉 What do you guys think?

I can’t wait to share more as I put things together. I hope to share a little peek into my office design.

love & pixels,
ashley nicole

Ashley Nicole Photography 2015 Business Cards

2015 BUSINESS CARD - Example

  1. Jasmine Star says:

    Love it! I wish I went to school for graphic design!!! 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    Beautiful Ashley! I LOVE it… & your site, is awesome!!! Kudos<3

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