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Paige + Trace : Millard Nebraska Engagement

If you’re anything like me that you LOVE surprises!

But as much as I love them I also hate them!! Okay, hate may be a little strong! I hate the suspense, the unknown, the “will I actually be surprised?” LOL!

The best surprises are the ones you never expect, that catch you of guard.

When Paige and Trace got engaged, Trace did just that!

One night he arrived home and asked Paige if she wanted to go to Colorado for her birthday. In the back of her mind, she thought, ‘maybe he’ll propose?’ She tried not to think too much into, after all it was just a birthday getaway.

They arrived in Colorado and spent a few days hiking and enjoying the scenery. Saturday morning, the day before her birthday, Trace woke bright and early ready to go hiking. Paige, on the other hand, heard the bed calling her name. Sleep sounded so good!

They headed to the Rocky Mountain National Park and drove all the way to the highest point. At that elevation it was cold, windy and Paige was not prepared. So before they began their hike they stopped at a nearby gift shop so she could buy a hat. Warmed up and ready to go, they started the hike to the top. It had been a yearly tradition to take a picture next to the elevation sign. But something was a little off, Trace was acting strange, pacing before the picture, not standing close to Paige.

They took a couple of pictures and then Trace turned to Paige, “You know I love you right?!” “Yes.” Paige replied. Then and there, Trace got down on one knee and said “Paige will you marry me?”

Paige, of course said, “YES!!!!!!”


March 28, 2017

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