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Jasmine Star Workshop / Irvine, California

Inspiring. Invigorating. Energizing.

Those are just three little words to briefly describe the Jasmine Star Workshop. But let me take a few steps back and explain how I’ve come to the place I am today.

I remember the first time I came across Jasmine’s blog. I had a Google Reader Account and I had an obsession connecting photography blog to photography blog. When I found Jasmine’s blog I was instantly inspired by her imagery and her words. It was a treasure and I loved her story. She’s put forth an amazing effort to grow her business and yet she humbly shared her knowledge with others. Over the years I soaked up every bit I could. I knew one day I wanted to meet her but the ability for me to attend one of her workshops was in my distant future. Until then I would live the moment through the words of other attendees. What really gave me the push to attend was seeing how other attendees businesses literally changed. They were positively influenced and I wanted that too. But that meant I needed to make some changes and set some serious goals. And that’s what I did.

I was in a position to grow my business so when I got the email from Jasmine about the workshop I instantly Skyped my husband. I didn’t seriously think he’d say yes. But HE DID!! I immediately applied and hoped I’d get in. A few hours later I got the email…”You’re In!!” Yes!!! Happy dance for days.

Shortly afterwards Jasmine sent out an email connecting all the attendees. From that point on we began engaging as a group getting to know each other virtually. We planned to meet up the night before the workshop for a little group photoshoot. That night we met in Laguna. I was so nervous. No joke…shaking nervous. But a few minutes into the greetings I felt relieved. Everyone was beyond nice. Sadly not everyone was able to attend.

Photo c/o Dillon Driscoll Photography

Dillion Driscoll Photography_Jasmine Star Workshop 10

That evening Jasmine had organized a mixer at a local restaurant. There we anxiously waited. I really don’t know what I expected. It sounds funny but I already knew Jasmine. I had read her blog for years. I knew about her love for Polo, yoga, the community and of course the love of her life JD. But now I was meeting her in person it was surreal. Listening to her that night made me realize even more how much I wanted this but even more so how genuine and caring she is.

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop 12

The day of the workshop came and little did I know how highly emotional the day would be. I was literally stepping into a moment that would change my life forever. I sat down to a little gift with a sweet personal message within. I wanted to make this moment count. I was ready to learn and grow.

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop1Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop2 (1)Jasmine is so well spoken in the classroom and behind the camera. She’s open to tough questions and agenda covered all the questions I had previously prepared.

When she was shooting she shared every detail from her communicating with the client to her camera settings. I found moments when I wasn’t shooting but watching and listening. She has perfected the skill of direction and communication with clients. I walked away feeling more confident in my ability to guide my clients and make them feel comfortable.

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop2Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop5

Our models, Ashley and Kaya were lovely and their connection was perfect! Ashley gawd! Could you be any more gorgeous?!? Ashley told me after the workshop that her sister’s name is Nicole. Great names right! 😉 Another fun fact, Ashley is also a wedding photographer. Ashley if you ever make it to Omaha or I go back to SoCal we must do lunch! 😉 Check out Ashley’s work at Ashley Paige Photography.

 And the back for this dress!! Perfection! I just love the cut.

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop9

Jasmine rocking it out behind the camera. I love how as photographers we’re willing to “step up” to the challenge of getting the perfect shot!

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop8

One of the tips I loved the most was how Jasmine talked about posing (guiding) guys during a shoot so you can accomplish a natural look. Guys…that can be hard but Jasmine showed us exactly how it’s done.

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop0

The beautiful florals by Sweet Marie Designs added the most amazing pop of color to the day.

Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop7Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop6Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop4Ashley Nicole Photography_Omaha_Jasmine Star Workshop3

FINAL JD Jasmine Story WEB

Out of the whole experience what I loved the most was both Jasmine and JD’s sincerity. They’re willingness to listen and interact. I never once felt inferior, lost, or ignored. Actually I felt quite the opposite. The workshop was a dream come true and it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life. I’m ready to rock my business. The workshop was so amazing I’d literally go again! Seriously! And I’ll never forget this privilege and I have to thank my hubs for supporting me on this grand adventure!

Workshop – Jasmine Star
Hair + Make-Up – Beauty by Melina
Florals – Sweet Marie Designs
Dress – Bonny Bridal
Hair Clip – Brides and Hairpins

love & pixels,
ashley nicole

  1. Meghan says:

    Ashley, what an awesome recap of the day and a half we all got to spend together! Your photos are stunning and I love the way you told the story. It was such a pleasure to meet you and I can’t wait until the reunion! Much love, Meghan.

    • Ashley Nicole says:

      It was great to meet you too Meghan! I wish I would have had more time to get to know everyone!! I feel like we didn’t get to chat enough. 🙂

  2. Donna Pierpoint says:

    Looked like a wonderful experience and You have some great shots. Best Wishes

  3. Jasmine Star says:

    LOVE you!!!

  4. Annie Roy says:

    You rock Ashley! Nice post:)

  5. Michelle says:

    What a great post! Absolutely love it!!!

  6. The sweetest! I’m so grateful to call you a friend, Ash 🙂 And, I’d totally go again too.

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  8. I LOVE your writing and your images. Brilliant. So glad to have met you <3

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