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Intimiate Bella Vita Wedding : Adam + Sarah

When Adam and Sarah invited me to document their intimate wedding, I felt honored and excited. Sarah and I had worked together back when I worked in corporate. After I left, we lost contact which typically happens. However, almost a year later I coincidently ran into her at a local restaurant. After chatting for a bit Sarah shared with me that she was recently engaged. I waved to Adam from afar. We gabbed a little more about her wedding day and their plans. I then realized my past connection with Sarah was about to become more than it ever could have been. A few weeks later I received an email. Sarah and I chatted more about her wedding day wishes and my documenting of the day.

As with any couple, there are so many moments and emotions on a wedding day. Being the one documenting so much of the seen and unseen ties you emotionally to your couples more than some realize. And Adam and Sarah’s day was something special. I didn’t know Adam like I did Sarah but the time I spent with the two of them I could not only see, but feel, his love for her. I’m smiling right now thinking about it! I love seeing two people so in love and happy!

Although Adam and Sarah’s wedding day was small and initiate, it was packed with some of the biggest moments I’ve been a part of. Their friends and family gathered with them at Bella Vita to celebrate, where the room was filled with love and laughter.

Congrats Adam and Sarah! I wish you many beautiful and happy years and thank you for choosing me to be a part of your wedding day!

love & pixels,
ashley nicole

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