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Arbonne Bath Bombs Lifestyle Session

Who would have thought photographing these two making Arbonne bath bombs would make me teary eyed! 😢 Not in a bad way though! It’s a good cry!

It reminds me of something I wish I had more of from when I was young – photos of our family interacting and engaging in things we loved. Like making Sunday breakfast (French Toast specifically)! Those memories are some of my fondest. Yet we have no photographs documenting them. When I think about it, it’s sad.

Too often photographs are posed or taken after-the-fact and not in the moment. So when I have the opportunity to watch a family interact and enjoy doing something they love together, those images are truly so much more meaningful. And as with all photos, they’ll be looked back on with fondness. But they’ll hold an even more special place in their hearts. A story accurately documented and perfectly imperfect.

Although these images are not of myself, my heart still smiles. It smiles knowing that I was privileged to document a mother and her daughter enjoying something so simple and yet so significant.

PS – These Arbonne bath bombs are the! For real!! And this little lady is a pro at making them! Want to try out the recipe? Click here to download the Arbonne Bath Bomb recipe! Looking for the ingredients?? You can purchase them here!

Let me know if you give it a go! I would love to see how your bath bombs turn out!

And don’t forget, documenting your family in the comfort of your own home is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. The perfectly imperfect love and life you share with your favorite people make for a lifetime of memories. Contact me HERE and let’s photograph your family in your home!


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