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According to Forbes, "finding a mentor should be at the top of your business to-do list"

"A Mentor is one of the greatest secret weapons an entrepreneur can have."

I'm honored to be able to help photographers find their voice, organize their business and transform their life.

Looking to "pick my brain" and learn and/or discuss some burning topics? I'm here for you! For years photography was my side hustle. I was stuck in Corporate America and dreamed of leaving the 9-5 to be my own boss. Thankfully, in 2015, that dream became a reality. And the best decision of my life!

Here I am six years later, running an exclusive wedding photography business, working with various entrepreneurs to refine their brand and documenting a limited number of lifestyle sessions for some of the most amazing clients!

With over 10 years of experience in the industry and the privilege of working with high-end cliental, I strive to excel in every aspect of the business. Throughout the years I've educated myself on various aspects of the business. I've experienced many successes and some failures. But that's part of the process!

Want to refine your path or looking for some guidance and coaching? Check out my mentoring opportunities. But don't hesitate! Due to my limited availability, I offer a limited number of mentoring sessions each year. Submit your application today!

I'm Ashley!

Photographer, Artist and Business Mentor.

What is a Mentor?

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What's Next?

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Sadly, I feel that over the years the word "mentor" has become cliche and lost it's true meaning and value. A mentor should be a valued and experienced expert in a subject, a master of sorts, with the ability to guide and coach someone in a specific field or topic. And there are various types of effective mentorship programs that you should explore.

Why Mentor with me?
With over 10 years of experience and a thriving photography business, I've found I have a vast valut of knowledge to share coupled with a desire to see those around me water the seed of purpose planted in them. From getting started to scaling new markets, making hard business decisions, visual brand identity, social media, finances and more. I've been there!

I want to help you grow and succeed! 

How do you get started?
During 2021, I'll be taking on a limited number of mentees. If you're interested in taking your business to the next level then submit your application today! If excepted, I'll reach out and we'll get you on your path to success.

men·tor | def.
an experienced and trusted adviser;


one-on-one Mentoring

Situational Mentoring

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Career Mentoring

1:1 Mentoring

My one-on-one mentorship is typically a great time to focus on relationship-building and individual skill-building. Since these mentorships are a bit more casual, you have the opportunity to choose where you want to meet (online or in-person), when you want to meet, and what you want to do or discuss. This opportunity will give you the time to either sit down with me to discuss some burning topics or get behind the camera with hands-on shooting.

Prior to meeting we'll determine your needs, goals, and what you want to gaining from our time.

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Situational Mentoring

Do you want to learn a specific skill or dive into a specific topic? Maybe you want to learn the ins and outs of Photoshop or gain more in-depth knowledge of social media planning and engagement? Want to move to shooting in manual mode but want someone to help guide you as you learn?

Situational Mentoring will give you to opportunity to spend more indepth time focused on excelling in a specific area until you're comfortable on your own. The program is a bit more structured to ensure you're getting the most out of the experience. You'll be able to determine if you want to spend a full day or two half days focused on achieving our pre-determined goals. You'll walk away with a new found confidence and comfort that you'll be able to immediately implement.

Prior to meeting we'll determine our specific focus, goals, expectations and an implementation plan.

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Career Mentoring

This mentorship opportunity is offered exclusively and for a period of one year. It offers you a more robust educational experience than one-on-one or situational mentoring. It's an ongoing relationship that offers you access to consistant coaching and knowledge. My focus is to provide you long term coaching to assist you in your career progress and business growth. During this program, we'll idenitfy your overall business goals, you'll develop a actionable career plan, and I'll coach you as you move forward until you've successfully reached your goals.

Why exclusive?
Simply put, quality over quantity. Sure, I could bring on a number of long-term mentees. But that would be a disservice to you and myself. Exclusivity allows me to offer my full attention and knowledge.

How will it work?
Prior to our first meeting, we'll define how I can assist in your career development. This may include growing your network, overcoming challenges with your business, fine tuning or outlining a career path, and creating long term career goals. Included in the program. will be a customized tool to help create your career goals. When career goals are defined and documented, you'll have a better success rate in progressing your career. Together we'll create SMART goals to help keep the relationship focused. You'll track your goals and consistenly check in on your progress.

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Meetings Scheduled Within a 12M Timeframe*
Questionnaire to Identify Our Focus + Goals
Custom SMART Goal Planning + Tracking
Custom Actionable Career Plan + Tasks
Guide Based on Your Focus + Goals
Monthly 1:1 Mentoring Meeting to Check-In
Ongoing Email Access for Continued Support
15 Minute Headshot Shoot with Ashley**

*Choose between two 8 hours session within the year OR a 4 hours session every 3 months. Lunch is included with in-person full day sessions.

**Headshots are shot during the mentoring time.

$150 / Month

CAREER mentoring

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 8 hour Session* OR Two 4 Hour Sessions
 Questionnaire to Identify Our Focus + Goals
Custom Guide Based on Your Focus/Topic
Actionable Tasks to Immediately Implement 
Post 1:1 Mentor Meeting to Check-In
15 Minute Headshot Shoot with Ashley**
Ongoing Email Access for Continued Support

*Lunch is included with in-person full day sessions.

**Headshots are shot during the mentoring time.

OR 3 Payments of $255


Situational Mentoring

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 1 Hour Discussion (Online or In-Person)
 Questionnaire to Guide Our Discussion
 Actionable Tasks to Quickly Implement 
 Post 1:1 (30 Minute) Check-In Meeting
Celebrate Successes + Plan for Failures


1:1 Mentoring

What's the Investment?

what payment options are available?

Payments are excepted via PayPal. If your application has been accepted, you'll receive an invoice to complete the inital payment. Payment plans will be set up as reoccurring payments via PayPal.

Applications will be accepted once a year. There may be short periods throughout the year that I may take additional applications, but this isn't a guarantee. If you're on the fence, remember it's either now or next year!

How often are you taking applications?

Investing in your business can be scary, but so rewarding. If you're passionate about making your business succeed and you give the mentorship your all, yet you're not seeing changes in your business, I'd be happy to give you your money back. See my mentorship policies for more details.

what if the program i select doesn't help?


Have a question you need answered before you commit? No worries!
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